The Hot Days are Coming…

Today is the beginning of the end in Dubai, by this I just mean we officially just hit 40 degrees Celsius today (104 Fahrenheit). Fun fact is that I have a colleague who announced recently that she doesn’t know how temperature works, she doesn’t know anything about degrees in any measurement. So funny and bizarre! […]

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Start Your Day Right.

It’s so important to wake up and program yourself for a good day, otherwise negative thoughts will bring you down in no time – I am pretty sure about it. I try to start my day with the music I like and think of something that I am looking forward to. Dancing while dressing up […]

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Photography is awesome!

Hello world! My name is Anna Shtraus, I am from Russia but I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and I suffer from travel addiction. In fact, I don’t suffer, but my wallet does, while I am quite enjoying this state of affairs. I have been fiddling with the buttons of different cameras for quite […]

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