Enjoying PhotoFriday #GPP17

Hello friends,

The photo week #GPP17 has officially kicked off.

Greeted by David Hobby at the door as I stepped into the magic land, I grabbed a coffee and drifted off to the world of photographic bliss.

There is nothing better than to start your day with some inspiration from Benjamin Von Wong, who is too cool to wear shoes during his presentation. Shoes are overrated anyway!

He also has this absolutely kick ass cool assistant Valentina with green hair and fantastic eyes. Can’t wait to see what they are about to create this season.

Laughed to tears and teared up with sadness at Zack Arias’s talk. You just got to love this guy, he is like my photographic version of Murakami. Turns ordinary into pure magic.

Flavoured with spicy stories of photographing celebrities including Donald Trump by Martin Prihoda. I know it is not easy to deal with them.

Finished off my day with a presentation of Elia Locardi, who has undoubtedly the most beautiful portfolio in the world!

Saw many cool people, got to play with the new Fuji Cameras, felt the love, spread the love.

Have a class to teach tomorrow.

Gonna be fun.



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