How Not To Kill Your Plants

Hello my lovely friends,

I usually talk about photography-related topics here, but I have a few other interests in life such as “house gardening” being one of them.

When you have over 60 plants at home (yes, perhaps we went overboard raiding the Garden Center when the lock-down was lifted in Dubai), it is hard to keep tabs on the needs of each one of them. So I started using this app called Planta which helps you identify your plants – it can scan the leaves and suggest you a variety of potential plants that look like the one you have at home. It also helps you with the watering schedule simply telling you which one needs care today, and if you subscribe to the premium version, there are also tips on how to handle different plants’ watering techniques, which grounds they prefer, what kind of sun/shade situation they require… basically a lot of information to help you out in understanding how no to kill it.

I made this video to illustrate how it works and also to show you a few of my house residents.

In the end, if you at least find out the name of your plant with this app, you can always read on the internet what it likes and dislikes… however, you will still need to water it yourself 🙂

Hope you found this useful, and take care of yourselves (and your plants, if you have any).


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