Dubai Metro, Al Wasl Street and Dubai Marina Lights.

Hello everyone, hope you all doing well.

The weather has been nice recently, lots of clouds and rather chilly outside, so I went for a photowalk to a random location. I didn’t have much of a plan when leaving the house, so I just took the metro, went out on one of the stations and went the opposite direction where I usually go and walked on both sides of the road to see what’s interesting is there to see.

There was a bird sitting on the sign, but I kinda like the silhouettes of the ladies too.
Interesting juxtaposition of the most luxury hotel in the background and a tractor.
This guy was so much into his phone he didn’t pay attention to me at all.
I saw a deep excavation sign yesterday that tumbled on the road… and one today, deep excavation continues.

Then I stumbled upon this bird and a mirror that had a hole right where I should be…
The bird moved to a more iconic location with a flag…
Lovely yellow against blue, can’t pass by without a photo.
Seems like a nice chilling spot…
Then I saw this super clean car and thought I’d shoot a reflection in it… looks nice
This was just a lovely spot with palm trees and there was something soothing about it
Spotted this lamp and decided to capture it as well
This cat didn’t have much confidence in me.
Such beautiful trees in the middle of the residential area… hope they stay there for longer.
He was just nicely framed with the leading lines also, so I captured him too
This is generally my direction.
Took the metro back to my area.
I just liked this scene so I took a shot as well
Then I went to Dubai Marina and took a bunch of photos of street lights with the clouds
When I was walking home I saw this scene of the Talabat driver and a box of Tide washing powder, thought I’d capture this too.

Such was my photowalk today, hope you had fun looking at the photos.

Much love,



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