Double-exposed My Isolation

Hello, my furry friends, and welcome back to another day of living in the loop of 2020. Yeah, we all got plans, but you know, John Mc’Clain also had plans. So your wedding 2020 or your travel 2020 didn’t happen the way it was supposed to be? Oh well, sorry to hear, but allegedly we […]

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No excuses.

Clouds are running wrapping Around Burj Khalifa today, Minutes away from the rain, Making reflections again With the million of lights, Seize the night, And let’s go for a ride, Wait for the green light Getting close to perfection, Catch the right intersection And let go of your fears, Change that gear, Now it’s you […]

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Crossing the Bridge to Tolerance.

2019 is a year of Tolerance in the UAE. It is a wonderful initiative started by our government in order to bring us closer together, in the end, we are more than 200 nationalities living in this country. Today I happened to pass by the Tolerance bridge, a beautiful construction that holds Dubai together because […]

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