Keep your Inner 5 Year Old Happy. 

Hello and happy Friday! You know, my friends, this year I’m going to turn 30 years old. 15 years ago I thought it is going to be a milestone of wisdom and I’m probably going to be serious, grown-up and responsible. However, I am at the beach of Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka right now, enjoying the loud noise of the waves and ordering beers before sunset… … Continue reading Keep your Inner 5 Year Old Happy. 

Love is All You Need.

Everybody has a different reason why they start being interested in photography. Some people take photos as memories, because their memory is not so good. Some people take photos trying to capture the beauty of the moment to show people how amazing it was out there. Street photographers are trying to capture the moment of time to show a tiniest piece of someone’s life. Whatever … Continue reading Love is All You Need.