Happy International Photography Day!

It is not particularly clear why today was selected to be the International Photography Day, my guess that it was started by a person with some marketing idea in mind, and yet it is kind of cool to have a dedicated day to celebrate the industry and art as it is. Actually, it is linked to the date that the Government of France has released … Continue reading Happy International Photography Day!

Double-exposed My Isolation

Hello, my furry friends, and welcome back to another day of living in the loop of 2020. Yeah, we all got plans, but you know, John Mc’Clain also had plans. So your wedding 2020 or your travel 2020 didn’t happen the way it was supposed to be? Oh well, sorry to hear, but allegedly we are all in this together now. Cheer up, if you … Continue reading Double-exposed My Isolation

Through a Magnifying Glass – A Photowalk In Al Ras

Hello and welcome to my blog! Whether you have been here before, or it’s your first time, don’t get scared – no politics, only a glimpse into what used to be called “the real world” through my camera. Recently, the Government of the UAE decided to close off the Al Ras district of Dubai for disinfection, and medical check-up due to the fact that population … Continue reading Through a Magnifying Glass – A Photowalk In Al Ras

Satwa Photowalk – In Search for Cats.

Ahlan wa Sahlan or welcome to my blog, today I would like to show you a few photos from the last photowalk we took with the Analogue photography group through the streets of Satwa on a lovely Friday morning, despite all the corona precautions. We met by a beautiful mosque called “The Big Mosque”, which was unfortunately closed at the moment due to the precautions … Continue reading Satwa Photowalk – In Search for Cats.

On Being a Woman in Photography Business.

There are certain jobs that are traditionally male-dominated and photography is known to be one of those, but why is that? Is it because it is tough? Is it tiring? Does it require physical abilities that are more typical to be possessed by men? Do men have better creative thinking when it comes to building up a composition and do they understand the settings of … Continue reading On Being a Woman in Photography Business.