On Being a Woman in Photography Business.

There are certain jobs that are traditionally male-dominated and photography is known to be one of those, but why is that? Is it because it is tough? Is it tiring? Does it require physical abilities that are more typical to be possessed by men? Do men have better creative thinking when it comes to building up a composition and do they understand the settings of … Continue reading On Being a Woman in Photography Business.

Are You Doing It for the Money?

Two month ago I was contacted by an agency who asked me if I was interested to shoot landscapes for them, and in those landscapes there would be some influencers and luxury watches. They wanted me to shoot beautiful landscapes like they saw on my instagram and would inspire people to travel. Great, I thought, it was the first time someone wanted to hire me … Continue reading Are You Doing It for the Money?

Shoot for the Stars or #GPP17 Shootout.

Hello friends, Can it be more epic than to be able to post a blog post from high above the ground? I am pretty impressed by this myself. Today I wanted to reflect upon the event that closes GPP events every year – Shootout. The principle of the shootout lies in having 3 photographers competing against each other on a given subject. None of them … Continue reading Shoot for the Stars or #GPP17 Shootout.

This World Has No Limits. #GPP17

Salut adventurers! Today’s story is about how we went to the desert to photograph a conservation project with Benjamin Wong as a part of his workshop for GPP17. The idea behind the project was that desert kills trees, and we need to help planet by planting more trees. So Benjamin and GPP teamed up with a charity company that plants trees. He found really cool … Continue reading This World Has No Limits. #GPP17

I didn’t Choose Photography, Photography Chose Me. #GPP17

If ever life stops being epic, oh well, that would be boring, wouldn’t it? The GPP17 photo week is done, and gone, but not forgotten! So many adventures, so many funny stories, so many inspirational people. Had a chance to go to Grand Mosque with the master Yoda, mm, I mean Hobby, David Hobby to photograph the blue hour. Doesn’t that just sound like a dream? David Hobby, however, … Continue reading I didn’t Choose Photography, Photography Chose Me. #GPP17

Enjoying PhotoFriday #GPP17

Hello friends, The photo week #GPP17 has officially kicked off. Greeted by David Hobby at the door as I stepped into the magic land, I grabbed a coffee and drifted off to the world of photographic bliss. There is nothing better than to start your day with some inspiration from Benjamin Von Wong, who is too cool to wear shoes during his presentation. Shoes are … Continue reading Enjoying PhotoFriday #GPP17

Let the Magic Begin.

Hello from a sunny Dubai on this particular February day. Today we are kicking off #GPP17 photo week that brought together a team of internationally acclaimed photographers and creatives. “Take the Shot” is the name of our new exhibition that marks the opening of the week. I woke up today being so excited, that I don’t even need coffee to keep me awake. I can’t … Continue reading Let the Magic Begin.