Riyadh, KSA, Doors of Olaya Street.

Walking around Riyadh feels different now. Still not easy, still not everything is accessible or working like it should, but people don’t look at you like you’re an alien any more. This time I spent 4 hours walking around looking at the front doors of residential area of Al Olaya Street… with a mix of cats, mosques, all kinds of cars and sand (inevitable sand), but I also found some lovely trees.

Here is also a picture from the window of my hotel room. You wouldn’t have believed it if even if you saw it yourself.

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5 thoughts on “Riyadh, KSA, Doors of Olaya Street.

  1. Wonderful images, Anna! I used to admire all those elegant doors when I lived in Riyadh, and wished I could have photographed them. And those cats! I loved those mangy creatures! You are doing a valuable service– photographing the everyday beauty in Riyadh, the beauty everyone sees. The spectacular new buildings are easy on the eyes, too, but these “street scenes” reveal the Riyadh that lives in the personal memories of those who’ve had a life there.

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  2. Yes! جزاك الله خيرا Thank you! These are the scenes that resonate with my Riyadh life, the scenes that persist over time, scenes originating from neighborhoods on the periphery of tall buildings and bright lights, scenes that outnumber those new projects and compose the reality of most full-time residents.

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