Who Is Anna Shtraus

Good day, and let me start with a short introduction of who I am. Where do I come From My name is Anna Shtraus, I am from Russia (technically from USSR, but it is a long story) and I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. One can describe me as a person who suffers from […]

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A Field Test Of The Canon R5 400 Megapixels update – Art Documentation

The new Canon R5 feature that enables shooting 400-megapixel images is called the High-Resolution mode, which uses the camera’s in-body image stabilization (IBIS) system to capture multiple shots and merge them into a single high-resolution image. Sounds good, right? But of course, Canon being Canon they forgot to mention a few details to their users […]

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Abrahamic Family House, Abu Dhabi

Yesterday we went to visit Abrahamic Family House – the architectural complex built in the Cultural District where all the houses of monotheistic faith are located in the same place. WHY DO WE FIND IT IN THE UAE The Abrahamic Family House is rooted in the UAE’s values of peaceful coexistence, diversity, and dialogue, and […]

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Sunrise Beach, Dubai.

Today husband left for Riyadh early in the morning (and I didn’t (sad face)). But I decided to seize the day so to say, carpe diem out of the fact that I am up one hour before sunrise… and though there is nothing interesting in terms of weather outside, it is not the reason not […]

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Al Ula Trip – Day 1.

Al Ula, Saudi Arabia, is a city in the province of Medinah, northwest of the country is a destination that has been widely promoted in recent years luring tourists in. One surprising fact is that you either are aware of Al Ula and you want to visit it, or you’re oblivious (Saudi is still a […]

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