The Hot Days are Coming…

Today is the beginning of the end in Dubai, by this I just mean we officially just hit 40 degrees Celsius today (104 Fahrenheit).

Fun fact is that I have a colleague who announced recently that she doesn’t know how temperature works, she doesn’t know anything about degrees in any measurement. So funny and bizarre!

Last year we decided to take a trip to a hotel called Qasr Al Sarab which is located in Abu Dhabi, literally in the middle of the desert next to Saudi Arabia border. This piece of desert is called the Empty Quarter because there is nothing that grows there. We travelled there in July and the road to the hotel is basically a straight line that continues for 3 hours with nothing but desert around.

Our car was broken at that time, so we rented a Huyndai Accent that drives slower than a roomba vacuum cleaner, and had a wonderful time trying to make this car go at 100 km/h. Not really, ahaha.

The point is that we must be quite crazy to have decided to go to the middle of the desert when the temperature was 56 C (132 F), and the whole time being there our only concern was how to cool down. We spent our time burning in the pool and cooling down the beers in the never-ending room service ice buckets.

The photo is from a balcony of Anantara hotel, Qasr Al Sarab.

Have to deal with it, though, since we have chosen to live here. This is only the first day of real heat, at least 5 more months are coming our way.

Inshallah, we will survive.

Have a great day!



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