The Dangers behind Londrangar Cliffs

I’ve been away for a bit, had to get married… busy times.

But the story is different today. The story lies down in Londrangar Cliffs. Such a fascinating place to visit… but you better be careful. 


You see these lava rocks? They are pretty slippery, especially when you are trying to jump around with two cameras around your neck and a tripod. My friend Denny managed to fall twice within 10 minutes. His fantastic balance saved him his Sony camera, but he found out he was bleeding upon arrival to the hotel. My other friend Paul was so fascinated by the sea, that he didn’t notice how the wave knocked down his tripod but unfortunately Denny wasn’t there to save the second Sony of the day, and that was the last light of the day that Sony saw as it refused to switch on ever after. Thankfully the big hearted guy Ken had a Fuji to give to Paul so that he could continue exploring Iceland in his photographic journey.

Paul was not so lucky those days right from the beginning as the airline lost his bag, and his flight got delayed, and then his camera waved good-bye… But in the end at least nothing bad happened to him. He returned home safe and sound and already got a new camera. He was trying to teach us how to live the life of minimalist but in the end all of us laughed at him because we all had a spare camera in case something happens to the first one… so decide yourself.

Here are two views in the same direction. One I tried to take with the grass as a leading line and you also have the mountain that inspired Jules Verne “Journey to the Center of the Earth” novel. The other one has the sea which is always nice to look at. Decide yourself what’s your favourite, I personally can’t.



And even if it is dangerous, cold and wet, and mucky, ah how I wish to be there again. I never knew I love the nature so much until that day I landed in Iceland.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you had a great weekend.

Much love,

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