Falling Down The Golden Waterfall – Gullfoss.

Happy Monday, folks. Or whatever day of the week you are reading this.

We are burning in our oven in Dubai, temperatures climbing higher and higher. Well, honestly I myself don’t suffer so much, just almost never go out. Air-conditioned reality. But when you have to go out, you just dream of falling down the waterfall, a really icy one, like Gullfoss for example.


We arrived to Gullfoss after visiting Geysir, and that gray day was getting just grayer and grayer, which meant that we could forget about any kind of cool sunset.

This place has numerous of shooting locations, each of them showcasing the waterfall in a new way. This is what you see more or less on arrival to the waterfall, two cascades of waterfalls just disappearing into the snowy abyss.


I looked at pics of this place in no-snow season, and it looks so different from what you see here. The water splash creates a massive ice cap on the opposite side, and it is really hard to judge where there is land and where there is no more. There are obviously signs that warn tourists against going there, but as usual you will see a bunch that hangs out dangerously close to the edge for the new instagram photo. How much will your followers like the photo of you falling down the waterfall?

I turned this photo into black and white because there is not much colours happening as it was literally 50 shades of gray.


This is the path that goes down from the parking area to the other side of the waterfall, which was also closed at that time when I was there. Did it stop anyone from going? Well, Ken Kaminesky tried to stop us, and particularly me because he had no confidence in my crampons (I didn’t have much confidence in them too, since I just bought them and experienced profound skating around all throughout the beginning of the trip). In the end I had to promise him that I will go back if they didn’t work, but they worked like magic.


This is how everything it looks from the other side. It is enormously impressive. When you stand on the edge of it, you just have no words, and forget to breathe as well.

The next day we started our day in the same place, and thought the sunrise was not spectacular, there were some colours to enjoy. And this place looks great even if there are no colours… can only imagine how beautiful it is on a sunny day.

This is Ken Kaminesky that I left in my shot just to have some sense of scale.



There is also a beautiful viewpoint on the other side of this view, where there is a third layer of this waterfall. Very cool sharp edges of rocks create an awesome border. Well, the dark violet colour I added in photoshop.


Honestly, was hard to leave… I loved it there.

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