Are You Going on Adventure or Ticking off the Checklist?

Hello friend,

I was wondering what kind of travel photographer are you? Are you visiting a country with a checklist of places to photograph or are you going with the flow and shooting what happens to appear in front of your lens?

Patrick and Alexandra discussed the importance of cracks for composition.

I suppose there is no right or wrong answer, but I noticed that there are two trends:

1. If you go and photograph places that are famous and well-known, you have to fight for your right to place your fat ass tripod to be able to take that shot because apparently, you are not the most ingenuous person in the world, and the said shot is on the list of many people. But if you get it right and in an interesting light/way/composition, you will definitely be rewarded with social media love.

2. If you go into the wild, you might as well find something absolutely amazing, or be left with nothing, but at least you won’t be frustrated with the fact that there were 459 people from the Eastern Parts of the Eurasian Continent with multiple selfie sticks trying to get the shot for themselves. If you are travelling more for peace of mind, then maybe you should stay away from the well-flattened down by multiple hiking boots paths of your travel destination.

So in my case, this was a completely random stop in a completely unknown to me place (and those who have been to Iceland will know that there are many places that look like that), but somehow it was one of the most memorable and cool spots we did in our trip. Just the texture of that ice is amazing.

Nature created ice chips. Fujifilm XT2 and Fujinon 10-24.

But as the weather wasn’t amazing, and the place was random, these pictures don’t stand out from the total never-ending flow of “northern lights”, “fiery sunrises in glacier lagoons” and “massive super-silky waterfalls” in Iceland and the goal for likes collected in treasure hunt wasn’t completed.

Fujifilm X100T.

However, these hold a special place in my heart. This is Iceland, beautiful and special from any angle you look at it.

Have a great day and stay safe!

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Are You Going on Adventure or Ticking off the Checklist?

  1. Wow I’d love to go to Iceland one day. The photos look great – the last one is my favourite!

    Hope you have a great Easter!


  2. I really go with the flow, just do random and hope for good views. Once in a while I will get a tip from locals for something special. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I think a healthy mix of the checklist locations and randomness to get lost and experience the place. It’s really not about getting likes though, it’s about getting beautiful photos, and documenting your personal experience, to do that you have to focus on the traveling aspect of the experience a bit 🙂


  3. Sometime the number of like does not mean anything. This pictures are amazing and it’s beautiful memories for you 😉 and a pleasure for the eyes for us! 😉


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