Double-exposed My Isolation

Hello, my furry friends, and welcome back to another day of living in the loop of 2020.

Yeah, we all got plans, but you know, John Mc’Clain also had plans. So your wedding 2020 or your travel 2020 didn’t happen the way it was supposed to be? Oh well, sorry to hear, but allegedly we are all in this together now. Cheer up, if you still have the ability to breathe then you’re doing better than 15% of population of the UK according to the today’s day statistics.

On the positive note, the sun still comes up every day, and we still got food in the supermarket, and the delivery guys are not out of jobs until you are not out of pocket money.

Still dreaming of going on that trip, still got enough dirhams for that romantic night under the Eiffel tower?

Most probably you next trip is going to be towards the fridge, though. Reminiscence of the previous trips coming up…

Oh, our source of inspiration, bring us some excitement without hesitation… unless you are fasting for Ramadan, of course, then you have to wait until sun goes down.

Anyhow, as people like to say “in these interesting times” we all survive the way we can, keeping ourselves sane as long as we can. Whether you are a social creature, or you are used to staying inside, you must admit it is weird to see everyone wearing masks and no matter how much you are trying to smile to someone, there’s no reaction recorded. As good as communicating to a piece of wood, what do you say?

Some of us obviously fell into desperation and depression, this life is a form of house arrest. Puts us all to a test. No matter how much you are upset, though, no yellow vest is going to help solve the current issues. And whether you believe in your superiority, your constitutional right to be all right, there is no promise that we will be corona free if we go outside.

A few years back we had Mers in the region, and we also wore masks, but it feels like nobody remembers those times any more. We were lucky those past viruses didn’t go as far as this one. Don’t touch, don’t shake, don’t stand, don’t live, just pretend… Let’s pretend we are still friends, I haven’t seen you for a decade, but that’s not what matters in the end.

Don’t lose touch with reality, we can still make it work. I feel like creativity is seeping through my fingers, but I don’t know what to apply it to. I cook, I draw, I take random shots around me, what do you do?

Maybe you’re at the next stage of arranging your whole garderobe by colours, shapes, shades, lengths and styles, I’m done with this a long while ago. Maybe your kitchen shines better than ever, you’re making bread, jam? Whatever that is… growing turnips, animal crossing? Mixing vodka with orange juice at improper proportions? If that keeps you sane, that’s the game.

Don’t feel bad if you couldn’t force yourself to wear a fresh t-shirt, or wash your hair… nobody cares. If you feel sad, or you feel trapped, that’s all right, we all feel that. If you feel scared, or unprepared, don’t worry, the whole world is there. In Dubai we’re maybe in the first class of the Titanic going down, in style, dancing away our night meanwhile… but life is today, it’s actually now, so if you want to put on your best outfit, don’t feel shy, bring it out!

And at the turn of the key, you can be free. Well “free”, believe me, it is never going to be like 2019, so too bad if you ducked it up, learnt a lesson, next decision is going to be right.

I am all for positivity, but be real, pandemics don’t happen every day, but we have one here and we all gotta deal with it. Isolation is suffocating, I had not spent a day inside for hell knows how long until this storm came over us, but I learned to see the beauty of every day objects instead of looking for them outside. I still feel like I don’t have enough hours in the day to do all I want, and I do have people asking me daily if I am bored yet. If I am bored, I can just pick up my camera and some things will happen. Just stretching the creativity muscle or anything worthwhile, you decide. Just having fun.

I am sure some of you needed a break, always running never having a moment for yourself… enjoy this gift. Sit in your camping chair on your balcony, and if you have a water canal outside, you can even fish, you never know what you gonna catch before you throw in your bait.

All these photos I took today in one go, in one spur of the moment, and whether you like them or not, I enjoyed creating them. Most are straight out of camera double exposures shot on my trusty old Fujifilm X100t. I noticed this camera just puts me into creative mode.

I hope you guys are holding up. I know, it is tough, but one day it will be behind us. One day we will fly across continents again for new experiences, new adventures, will meet some strangers, turn them into friends, laugh, dance, try new things, and then repeat it again.

Until then, don’t give up on life. Even the groundhog day comes to an end at some point.

Much love,



3 thoughts on “Double-exposed My Isolation

  1. Walking on the balcony, reading and eating chips… Not sure it kept me sain but hopefully I had good friends with who I had phone conversation ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰
    Loving your pictures with the double images and your writing style ๐Ÿ˜˜

    Liked by 1 person

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