As Long As You Are Alive Anything Is Possible

Today was supposed to be the day when I was to make the 2021 a better year than 2020 by doing our first dosage of a Covid-19 vaccine, but the UAE government decided to postpone it prioritizing on the people with chronic disease and elderly citizens. I gladly would give up my turn to receive the vaccine to that category of people, but I would like to know at least vaguely when will my turn come to receive one as well. So far the answer is unknown, but let’s hope some time soon as the news state that the government wants to vaccinate 100% of population by the end of summer.

I have not taken planes in a year, I have avoided public transportation which I otherwise enjoy, I am always careful at those limited events and small gatherings not to get too close to people, not to touch my mask and all those other worries we have acquired during 2020. I haven’t gone dancing, I haven’t really been out to malls, I have explored every nook and cranny of the area around where I live… and it would be nice to enjoy the Dubai life for one night, but I don’t think even with vaccine it will happen any time soon.

Yesterday I went out to take some corporate portraits of a client whose offices are in a fancy address in Downtown Dubai, so I took a moment to walk around and enjoy the beautiful winter weather and the grandiose of Dubai architecture combined. The area was beautifully deserted and calm as well. It brought me to a state of peace just being there.

This morning I have found some accumulated water puddles in the park area, which either means it was raining at night, or maybe the irrigation system has been too enthusiastic but anyhow, the Instagram community fell in love with my iPhone shot of this event, so here it is for you to enjoy as well.

Later on today I wanted to go out and do some long exposure photography since I spotted some decent clouds outside, however … I forgot to attach my L-bracket back to my camera, therefore making this task impossible to accomplish. Coming back to my previous post, do buy the L-bracket made for your camera specifically and you won’t need to unscrew it in order to put in the fresh battery. My L-bracket is for the Fujifilm XT-2 camera (which I sold last year), and it sort of works on my Fujifilm XH-1, but I have to remove it because the battery compartment won’t open otherwise, therefore the chances that I will forget to screw it back are much higher… and that is precisely what happened. Oh well, I just had a lovely walk instead.

It is important to find positive sides in otherwise mundane events (or even failures some might say as in my case with this L-bracket fiasco). I was excited to be shooting a large-scale military event in Abu Dhabi end of February, only to have learnt that they’ve hired someone else. But, it saves me the headache of driving to Abu Dhabi for 5 days in a row and doing unlimited amount of PCR tests for that… and who knows, maybe something better will come up. I’ve recently spoke to my friend who said that if he hadn’t missed a flight in Kuwait airport one day in the past, he wouldn’t have had his child running around him today. Small things like these which can annoy us profoundly on that day may lead to something tremendously better in the future, we just don’t know about it yet.

So keep positive, stay strong and focus on the bright side. Something better might just be waiting for you around the corner, as long as you’re alive everything is possible.

Much love,



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