I am not a Videographer… Or Am I?

Every time someone is trying to hire me as a photographer and videographer for a job, I tell them, that they rather get someone else to do the video, and I will cover the photos, but 4 out of 5 times they tell me that I my camera can do both, so why don’t I want to do this?

Yes, it is true, the camera can do both, but not at the same time, and video needs a stabilizer, and photos need a speed light, so those things can’t be combined together for a good result. Also, unfortunately more often than not, you will end up with either very few pictures, because you need enough footage to make a video, or with a half-assed video, because you were too busy taking photos. This is something that proved to be difficult for clients to understand. I agree, if it is an event of 8 hours chilling at the promo-booth, then there is plenty of time to create both, but still in the critical moments of sheikhs and distinguished guests visiting, you only have sometimes 30 seconds to catch it, and you would have to choose what to do.

Also, as a photographer inclined to shoot documentary style, I create my videos in the same way – catching moments of people’s interactions, laughs, sharing knowledge, celebrating achievements… It doesn’t really cross my head that I need to film it in some epic style, but some content creators are very good at that, and if my client is looking for that kind of montage then they probably should rather be hiring those guys.

Do I love taking photos more than videos? It’s hard to tell, I like doing both to be honest, but I know I can create very good photos, and somewhat decent videos, so still I’d rather do something I am really good at, however, you know me, I am always up for a challenge as well.

However, I encourage you to do daily videos of your life because in 10-20 years those will be priceless to watch. It doesn’t have to be your selfie face, film what’s and who’s around you, sounds and lights, the food you enjoyed, the sunsets you saw, the places you visited. Don’t do it for social media, do it for yourself to look back at it one day and return to the moments of happiness. Since I was always a person with the camera, I have a bunch of videos from my university times, and hangouts with my sister and my family, and watching those is always so funny and heartwarming.

Anyway, even on social media these days nobody wants to see photos any more. People don’t have the attention span to look at the details of your carefully created pictures, they want instant gratification and entertainment in short formats – that’s why tictoks and reels are so popular. If gaining traction on social media matters to you, then you definitely should consider becoming more of a videographer than a photographer. Photographers are dead birds and dying breed, to be honest.

Speaking of which, I used to be a “film director” in University. I used to film and direct satirical movies about our daily problems as philology faculty students, and then we used to show them at the talent festivals once a year. So one year they even gave me an Oscar. And admittedly, the quality of those movies was questionable, but people laughed so hard that they had tears in their eyes, which is a priceless feeling. Having those movies and the bloopers from them as a time capsule is priceless as well. I am not going to share those here, as they are time, place and culture specific, but if you were there with us living those moments, I bet you’d laugh your ass off as well.

I like to make videos like this about my experiences, so I can go back and relive them once again… but I got to be alone to be able to focus on what I got to say. If I am with some other people, I probably would just make it about them instead of talking to the camera. You can probably tell I am not the best talking head out there.

So yeah, what about you? How is the world of video treating you, my friend, have you embraced it or are you still staying in the realm of photography mostly?

Much love,



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