Al Ras Iftar Photowalk With Ricoh Gr3 X.

The C|C Collective, a group of photography enthusiasts, went on a rather private photowalk in Al Ras, a bustling neighbourhood in Dubai known for its vibrant street life and cultural diversity. The main objective of the photowalk was to capture the festive spirit of Iftar, the evening meal that Muslims have during Ramadan after a day of fasting. Dubai Municipality provided free meals for anyone who wanted to share this experience.

Armed with my Ricoh GR3 x and a few leicas for my friends, we walked through the busy streets of Al Ras, photographing the people gathering to break their fast and occasional cats. 

In addition to exploring the streets, we randomly went to a rooftop to capture the panoramic views of the city skyline. 

Let me know what was your favourite photo and check out the video of the photowalk below.

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