Deira City Center, Friday Prayer Photowalk.

Friday is still the day for the most important prayer of the week in the UAE, even though now it is a working day (or half-working day for some). Before the prayer would be done at the designated time of the sun being its’ highest in the sky, so somewhere after 12 pm, but now there is a set time for prayer which is 1-15 pm. They do the call for prayer twice – once at the sun-related time, and second time is when everyone should be there for the start of the prayer. It’s probably a bit more complicated for people now if they can’t leave their work place for some reason and get to the mosque on time, but throughout my years living here I have always seen people running to the mosque even for the last moments of prayer for a spiritual touch-down, so to say…

I wanted to go to the “historical neighbourhood” but today the weather was looking rather gloomy and gray, so I decided to go somewhere else. I just went to the metro and decided to get out on somewhere, where I don’t usually go… so when someone let out a massive fart in the metro, I decided it is time to leave and got out on the Deira City Center Station.

Some ladies I spotted on the way. The framing was too good.
This is quite a famous Landmark of Dubai, Deira Clocktower, built in 1965, it is actually older than the country itself.
Something about this mosque arrangement and the human element called for a picture.
Another one of the mosque more grounded version, sadly no human elements passed by.
Funny cat I met on the way.
I’d love to do a series on the guys with prayer rugs, but it will be much invading their privacy if I shoot them without permission.
Hopefully everyone finds their shoes by the end of the service.
This guy might have slept in…
This next photo is sort of gloomy one…
You see what I mean by running late to the prayer.
Those who didn’t come early enough have to pray outside, since all the spots in the mosque on the carpet were taken already.
Some streets are completely empty during Friday prayer, but as soon as the prayer is finished they come back to life.
Islam is peace and brotherhood… in its concept.
Before I’d always complain there is no interesting skies in the UAE most of the year, today I thought I like the harsh sunny contrast we have so much more than this gloom.
The whole street down from the mosque becomes a prayer area.
Here there is an interesting scene of one guy praying by himself and the other one reading the magazine from some shop promotions, but it is hard to tell the difference.
Here there was some guy chair composition… and then when i passed him from another side I saw they also have a chair on the roof.
Why is this chair there?
In the end it didn’t rain on me.
Someone behind there is in the shiny office towers, someone else is here…
Calming chaos…

That’s it for today.

Thanks for passing by and as always,

much love,



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