Through a Magnifying Glass – A Photowalk In Al Ras

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Whether you have been here before, or it’s your first time, don’t get scared – no politics, only a glimpse into what used to be called “the real world” through my camera.

Recently, the Government of the UAE decided to close off the Al Ras district of Dubai for disinfection, and medical check-up due to the fact that population lives quite densely in that area of the city. So, if you don’t live there, you can’t get in any more for at least two weeks.

One of the last days of 2019, we went out there for a photowalk with a group of friends, and I think now it is quite an appropriate moment to share those photos. Normally, I like to keep my street photos in colour, but for this series, I chose to convert them into monochrome. However, some colour versions you can find on my instagram page.

The souq opening always starts with some streets cleaning
Most popular transport
These benches must have seen many visitors over years
Before there were malls, these people would get you anything you dream of
It was a morning of blinding sun
They have seen city growing from this creek into what it is today
One of the local superstars
Fatima told me this guy used to transport her and her family over the creek since she was a little girl
One dirham only
Those days Friday would mean getting yourself ready for the big prayer… today there are no communal prayers on Friday due to you know what
Team Family
The cat is waiting for his pick-up
Pigeon maybe too
Always chai
Spices seller

We were waiting for everyone to gather to go get breakfast, while this guy started walking down the street holding this cat by his paws… I am still not sure why, but this scene probably unlikely ever going to leave my memory.

Cats of these streets are awesome

Thank you for spending time to have a look. I wish you safety and well-being, please take care of yourselves and stay home, if you can, so we can get over all those circumstances preventing us from doing more street photography and other awesome outdoor adventures.

Much love.


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