Satwa Photowalk – In Search for Cats.

Ahlan wa Sahlan or welcome to my blog, today I would like to show you a few photos from the last photowalk we took with the Analogue photography group through the streets of Satwa on a lovely Friday morning, despite all the corona precautions.

We met by a beautiful mosque called “The Big Mosque”, which was unfortunately closed at the moment due to the precautions set by the Government (we already have our Friday prayer time shortened to 10 minutes only, reported to be 8 minutes on some occasions). Nevertheless, I shot some reflections and shadows through the closed gates.

And I was not the only one looking at the locked gates

In front of us there were some people waiting for a bus, and some people seemingly having orientations for their new job assignment, so I shot them too while waiting for everyone to gather for the photowalk to begin.

Then we walked off the most populated street of Satwa, so we had a chance to slow down and look at the shops, salons, restaurants, balconies, doors and what not on our way around…


All while the photowalk organizer Christopher was casually shooting photos on the camera that came straight from the century before the previous century, excellent choice for street photography, isn’t it?

Some random piece of greenery that is hard to imagine be growing in the middle of the buzzing city like Dxb… by the way, also found people growing tomatoes on our way, and herbs.

Watering his tomato plantation

I enjoyed looking at details of the houses, doors, passways, random non-parking signs… as I always do. Our task that day was to shoot cats, but there weren’t many out.

Actually apart from my Fujifilm camera, I brought two analogue cameras with me, which both turned out to have flat batteries in them. Should take them out more often… but since I was in between film photographers, they provided me with the essential batteries and tools… the photos of those rolls are yet to be developed though.

This is my friend Fatima, she is an Emirati woman working for DP World. She came to this photowalk cause I told her I would be there, and we had a lovely time chatting about everything and nothing.

The bicycle people always are a part of this community.

Also a few photos that I shot on my phone (all of the above was shot on Fujifilm camera).

and a bit of randomness to round it up

Thanks for having a look, kitty cats.

Stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands.


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