Night Photowalk with Fujifilm in Dubai.

So I always wanted to hang out with photographers. It sounds fun, right?

And so conveniently Fujifilm decided to do a photo walk in the “old” Dubai part so I thought – why not? But as I thought why not, my newly acquired husband thought “no way you are going alone”. And those of you who have the experience of hanging out with people who are not photographers while you are trying to take a long exposure of the creek know how fun this is.

So apart from the fact that we were late because honey, let’s go in 20 minutes and honey, there is no parking, we also had fun driving there through the “iftar rush”. My German side always arrives everywhere on time, but now that I have a French side attached to me by the paper that we signed in Cyprus, I will have to adjust to the fact that this side is rarely on time. Pofig, we tried to walk with the group, but it was too late… and I embarked on a photo walk with my hubby instead of guys from Fuji.

We walked around the souq and got properly harassed by the vendors who were calling me Shakira (why is that?) and trying to put pashminas on me along with very good quality fake Louis Vuitton bags. I honestly can take 500 street-style photos there, but I just don’t care. I like landscapes, cityscapes, lights, trees and trails. The Pakistani guys cutting hair and picking their feet are cool, but it just doesn’t make my heart beat faster looking at those photos in post.


So I tried to convince my hubby to stay next to the river, but he wanted to walk in the streets… and we walked in the streets. I managed to snap this cool mystery boat disappearing into nothingness before we took off to the streets of Bur Dubai.


I have nothing particularly cool to show out of this walk. I have this funny photo of the camel with the lights as if those are his eyes.


Thanks for stopping by.

Have a good one,



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