The Importance of Choosing the Right Travel Buddy

Greetings, my wandering friend.

If you ever decide to go on a photo tour, choose the company wisely. The advantages of going on the photo adventure overweight the costs involved, as your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife will not be ominously hanging behind your shoulder asking: “Are you done yet? How many photos of the sunset do you really need?”….

well, unless you take them with you and then they are eternally bored and you are equally doomed. It is a great pleasure to hang out with like-minded people because they don’t get bored, and you can also learn something from them. I feel truly blessed to have crossed my paths with such great talents as Ken Kaminesky and Patrick Di Fruscia, and Elia Locardi earlier this year. Ken can teach you a lot about techniques, and give a bunch of valuable advice (like in case of this photo he told me to give a bit more space to the skies, but I didn’t listen :P), and Patrick has the eye for beauty hidden everywhere. But not only these guys were a true inspiration, every single person in who took this trip taught me something.

My roomie, Emily, was a beginner in photography (1,5 years of shooting as of now), but her photos are as stunning as of someone who is doing it for years. The oldest member of our group, John, was first off the bus to hit the challenges of whatever he could find. He was often the last on the bus as well – respect!


Our group leaders told us stories of other photo tours where the leaders won’t let you get out of the bus, saying that it is their shot and they don’t want you to steal it. Ken and Pat were not only generous enough to let us steal whatever shots they had, but also they would completely stop doing what they are doing to help us if we had any difficulties with our set up.

This was our sunset location for the first day of travelling around the island – famous view of Kirkjufel waterfalls. I managed to get a horse in the frame, which somehow even looks like a unicorn. It was freezing cold, and the colours were less than epic, but it was still great to be there. One advantage of the cold temperatures is that it scares some other photographers, and in fact you have plenty of room to try all the angles you want.IMG_2240_2

May you have a blessed day, my friend, I didn’t sleep so well today. Probably was too excited after looking at all my aurora shots last night.

Hope you find some inspiration for the day today, and I will try as well.



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