Sleep Tight, my Beautiful Friend.

Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional.

I’d like to open this post with this very wise quote from one of my favourite Japanese writers Haruki Murakami. And even though he was using it in relation with running a marathon, it can pretty apply pretty well to many aspects of life.

I am very sad today because my beloved cat has departed to the cat heaven after being with us for almost 18 years. His name was Funtik which kind of means Pound, and he was more than a cat for me, he was a member of my family. He joined us in 1998. He was a small kitten that got separated too early from his mom, so he was trying to suck on everything he could get reach of. I remember I used to put him next to me on my chest and he would leave kiss marks on my neck trying to suck for some milk. Sorry, kitty, no milk there.

He was our ginger happiness, and our sunshine on the rainy day.

He loved Chinese philosophy and had his personal opinion on certain things Confucius said. He protested against Algebra, was scared of the music from Men In Black, loved boiled shrimps so much.

He moved so many apartments and cities with us, had lived in 3 cities and even went on a summer holidays to the seaside with us.

He was wise and had such a character… you just couldn’t treat him as a cat, he was the whole person.

We spent 18 wonderful years together, each of them was a pure pleasure to have you around.

I am going to miss you so much, my ginger Friend, I hope they have lots of boiled shrimpies there for you in the cat heaven. Rest in peace. A piece of my heart has left the Earth this day you left us. You will never be forgotten.

But as Murakami says, it is painful, but I will try not to suffer too much. It can’t bring you back, so I will just keep the great memories with me.

I hope to see you someday up there, my furry love.



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