Let the Magic Begin.

Hello from a sunny Dubai on this particular February day.

Today we are kicking off #GPP17 photo week that brought together a team of internationally acclaimed photographers and creatives. “Take the Shot” is the name of our new exhibition that marks the opening of the week.

I woke up today being so excited, that I don’t even need coffee to keep me awake.

I can’t explain you that feeling when you step into the room full of photographers that you know and love, and whose work has been shining at you from your computer and phone screens, and here they are, all sitting and chatting around. Ben Von Wong cruising around on his boosted board, and Lee and Patrick from FStoppers sipping their coffees, and when you can answer David’s Hobby of strobist.com about the lights that we are using for his class, and when Zack Arias of deadpixel gives you a hug, and Elia Locardi tells you about the price of wine in the hotel they are staying, and Sara Lando is so beautiful you can’t stop photographing her.

A year ago I was a student in this event, today I am a part of the team. I listened to every word every photographer told me in the last 365 days, I stepped out of every comfort zone I could find, I smiled and I took pictures.

I thank each one of you who contributed in me being where I am. Nowhere else I’d rather be in this moment in life… Let the magic begin.


P.S. Thank you Eric Kim for your awesome talk last year. You’re a very inspirational person.

Thank you GPP team, I know how hard you work but it’s all worth it.

Much love,


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