Beat the Social Media Addiction

I just read about Eric Kim deleting his instagram account which I honestly think is damn brave of him… but what he talks about in his blog post about why he did it, it actually makes perfect sense.

When I went to Iceland for the first time, I had about 360 followers, and I was following half of those people. The images of the land of ice and fire gave my social media quite a boost and I went up to 900 before I went to Iceland second time. And ever since it’s been my obsession to get to a 1000… but you know what, I still can’t really do it. Even if I go 20 followers up, the next day it will be again 998 or 983. Because these days instagram is run by bots, not by real people.

And everyone is the world nomad traveller these days, experienced foodie, yogie and wears designer clothes from the latest collections. How can you compete with that? I bet my real life friends are tired of seeing Iceland in their feed, so they don’t react at all. When people meet me somewhere, they usually say – hey, when is the next trip? I wonder why they ask… so that I go,  take pictures to share them with my friends and they ignore them cause they are too jealous that I travel all the time? heh, you know what also? when I am travelling and have no time to check the social media – that’s when I feel the happiest. And that’s what we should probably aim for.

So I just thought, I am going to delete Instagram app from my phone and see how it goes. I will try to go until the end of the month without checking Instagram or if I really want to, or need to, I can use the web one. I already went a couple of month without facebook app on my phone, and so far it’s been great 🙂

And to answer the question of the people who got to know, next trip is Italy, lake Garda.

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