Would You Take Pictures If There Was Nobody To Show Them To?

There are more and more people complaining that Iceland is getting too crowded this year, and it seems to be true. I saw a lot of hotels being built, I saw many more rental cars added to the fleet, and I definitely saw many more obnoxious people in the places of interest.

I don’t know if it can cope… I hope it can. It makes me a little bit sad since I am not a fan of mass tourism. I hope that it doesn’t leave Icelandic people too frustrated.

Hunting for the Instagram-perfect place and pose became like a new meaning of life for some individuals, and it takes the magic out of some of the most fantastic places I have visited.

The reality is more like this…


than that…


But you still can find lots of places for yourself, if you are not on a hunt to check off the list of overphotographed locations. I must say, I enjoyed most of those places where we were on our own and we didn’t have to fight with the selfie sticks obsessive kind.

It is still stunning, although the mountain doesn’t have a famous name. And the ice cubes don’t come from a glacier.


On the other note, I recently watched a movie called “Bokeh” on Netflix. Super artsy-hipster kind of “conversations-don’t-make-much-sense” movie, the story goes as follows: an American couple leaves for 5 days trip to Iceland. One night suddenly some kind of weird event happens, and they are left just 2 of them in the whole world on their own. Iceland! All for yourself – isn’t it the dream?


But then the question is: would you still take pictures if there was nobody to show them to? Would you live in the wild or in the failing city? The two people in this movie are completely opposite characters, the girl just wants to go home, and the guy is quite fine with staying in Iceland until the end of his days.

I wonder what each of us would do. I wonder what each of us would think in this case.


But in any case, stay safe, my friends.

And thanks for stopping by.



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