What to Do if Your Friends Don’t Like Your Photos on Social Media?

Happy Orthodox Easter!

I decided to take a break from Facebook for at least a week, since I recently noticed that I have an unhealthy obsession for checking if anybody checked my photos or posts. And it all really doesn’t matter in the long run if I am myself happy with my photos.

As “artists” we always face this dilemma of seeking for aknowledgement and it has never been easier to receive it than these days with the blossoming of social media. As much as it can make you happy, it can also make you very frustrated.

I went to a barbecue party this weekend and met with some people I haven’t seen for a while who told me that my photos of Iceland looked absolutely amazing. Needless to say those people didn’t like or comment on my images, and as they are the quiet folk of Facebook who doesn’t do anything ever, you won’t even know they passed by your page until that day you run into them and they say it in your face.

And in case with Iceland, yes, it is a beautiful country and I have tons of beautiful pictures that I would like to share with the world, but I went on that trip with people that I didn’t know before and no one of my friends got to share this experience with me. So when I have a story to tell, they are the only people who are going to be touched by it cause they were the ones to be there. And they are not even my friends – I mean they are, for 10 days, and now we are back living our lives in our different countries and continents. Evidently even your relatives at some point are going to say: “Are you planning to move to Iceland at some point? So many photos… are you obsessed?” Sadly, I have to admit I think I am.

Not only because it is one of the most exciting things that happened in my life – to have won a photography trip to such an amazing place, but also because I didn’t expect how much I am going to enjoy being there, I can’t get over it. I can’t get over people who were there with me, I can’t get over arctic char, fermented shark, viking beer, too many churches for the population, Icelandic horses, auroras, waterfalls, lava fields, funny sweaters, reindeers, fluffy snow, geysers, hot springs, photography jokes, ice pieces lying on the beach…

Bottom line, if you are not interested in any of those, I recommend you go read something else somewhere else, because I am taking a break from Facebook and maybe it will result in a big amount of posts in here. Maybe. Or maybe I will just finish reading my book. That would be good as well.


The photo above is taken on the night between 6th and 7th of March, the most spectacular night of my life… that I have taken some absolutely mind-blowing photos, but somehow I managed to delete them without saving to my hard drive. Epic fail.

Nevertheless, life doesn’t end here. There will be plenty more auroras in my life (if I want them to happen to me) and I feel absolutely blessed to have been able to experience that. Even though the photographic evidence of that might have vanished, I remember how fantastic it looked like.

Thank you for stopping by and wishing you a beautiful Sunday.



2 thoughts on “What to Do if Your Friends Don’t Like Your Photos on Social Media?

  1. Oh you poor thing! I lost some photos from Iceland when transferring photos to a new laptop years ago and felt devastated – and they weren’t even that good! I was staying near Jokulsarlon on the night of the 6th March and had to drive about 120km west to get to clear skies. It was a very special night and I’m sure you’ll at least be able to treasure the memories, even if you don’t have the photos. Funny to think of you somewhere nearby enjoying them too!


    1. I just met this guy from California, who was also enjoying the view of those crazy lights on 6th of March. Fantastic night… and honestly don’t know how could it happen, but I guess I was too excited that night and just pressed something wrong, or didn’t double-check. Anyway, I know for sure that I will be back on this magic island and if Universe really loves me, as it seems it does, it will arrange some more Northern lights 🙂
      We were at a place called Hofskirkja Church in Hof (my friend researched it somehow… cause I used to call this place a random church haha). I should write the whole story of how it was that night, something I would never forget – crawling over the cemetery crosses trying to find the best composition for auroras.


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