Taking It To The Next Level with Level 43 Dubai.

Greetings, my friend and thank you for tuning in.

Today I had an amazing opportunity to go do what I love to (shoot cityscapes, sunsets and blue hours) with a bunch of like-minded individuals. Thanks go to Mr Mohammad Azizi aka Alphaspotting for organizing and to Nikon ME who was kind enough to lend gear to people who wanted to try different things to shoot.

Yes, I’ve been to this location before. I’ve seen shots from this location before. Many, many, many times. But I still love the glitter of the big city lights and the unbeatable futuristic vistas this terrace provides.

While in the beginning, the weather looked promising for the sunset and there were even a few clouds there was not good enough material for the long exposure shots that I love so much. And the sunset was dead, it was so dead, that I had to colour it all myself and I wish it was looking like it does in my shot, but in reality, it didn’t. But hey, I am a visual artist and that’s how I see the world.

What I loved most about this meet-up was the unity of like-minded photo geeks. Some are old friends, always a pleasure meeting someone new. Some of us are more geeks than others, we all have different cameras and different techniques, but we all love fiddling with those buttons, pointing our lenses in different directions and most importantly sharing our love of photography with the world.

Thanks for the inspirational evening!

Also, big thanks go to Four Points Sheraton and Level 43 for the yummy sushis and warm welcome from their team.

One love,



6 thoughts on “Taking It To The Next Level with Level 43 Dubai.

  1. Hi Anna,

    Do they allow tripods there? Been wanting to go there for the longest time..maybe i’ll wait for the next winter season as summer is fast approaching.


    1. Hey Mark,

      We were like an organized group of people and I didn’t bring a tripod – I had a clamp with me instead (which works just fine as well).

      They seem to have a very friendly marketing representative so if you get in touch with her, I am sure you can work it out for you to come for sunrise maybe. Generally, I don’t know how they are on a normal day with tripods there, but if you talk to them in advance, I am sure you can arrange smth.

      Best wishes,


      1. thanks for the info Anna! Appreciate it. Perhaps it’s easier to visit first without the gears, scout the area, talk to them, and come back agin. cheers!


  2. Hi Anna, I would like to carry my DSLR (Sony A7R iii) to capture few photos from the Sky lounge.
    In your conversations above I see that you used a Clamp. Would you please advise what model clamp do you usually use for your camera / dslr or is that Clamp good enough only to hold a mobile.


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