11 Spectacular Moments of Fog in Dubai Through My Lens

Happy Thursday and another fog day in the Emirates of the Arab Union. There is indeed a feeling hard to describe when you wake up upon the cloud of fog, stretching as far as the eye could see, and if you are lucky enough to be living higher than the average dweller of our planet, you have a chance to entertain the rest of us with the magnificence of the view.

Today, as the week comes to an end in the muslim countries, I wish you elkhamees elwanees, and offer you a chance to have a look at 11 of my captures of the Dubai Fog throughout the years of residing in the UAE.

One of the Most Popular Photos of mine that got me a trip to Iceland. More on this image is written here.

One of those images that I planned to take ^^. I rented a hotel room just to capture this downtown view… good old days when I could afford silly things like these.

Beautiful Dubai Marina wrapped up in the blue fog. Though fun from above, not so fun to drive on SZR during days like this.

The only photo of Burj Khalifa I have in the fog, although it is the most interesting building to shoot when it is clouding up.

The night view from the Cayan Tower. The beauty of the night fog lies in the details of the colours mixing through the water vapour of the clouds and the buildings illumination.

Quite an epic sunset view from the Cayan Tower on the tops of Marina Buildings.

Sweeping fog over the city, looks like a brushed cotton candy.

Even more special with the morning light.

It could be quite spectacular from the ground level as well. You don’t always need to be high up to enjoy the fog. Photography-wise it is always magical, however not as fun for driving – be safe out there and don’t forget to turn on your fog lights.

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