Dancing With Ghosts

Yesterday I had a chance to participate in C&C Collective Studio shoot lead by Nico Sander, a guy who makes people dance for photos, supported by the one and only St. Keeler, the going away to study Jingyuan and another talented person who likes to stay in the shadows.

Maria, our super gifted dancer, model and overall superhuman, jumped and bended tirelessly at the guys requests. I enjoyed doing the behind the scenes photos and playing with long exposures on my Fuji X100V. I kinda wished that I brought Canon with me, but frankly speaking I wasn’t much in the mood shooting yesterday at all, and Fujifilm served me plenty well for the day.

When shooting performances, the general approach is to adjust your camera to the light set up that you have been provided with (unless you are the one creating the set up), higher shutter speeds, higher ISOs, potentially continuous shooting, and even maybe servo as the focusing option, or you can go creative and do whatever you want. I felt like I want to do something different and decided to shoot longer exposures for a change.

Nico is definitely a pro when it comes to capturing dancers, and he utilized a whole range of fabrics to help create striking images.

I know that most people would want to cut out all the unnecessary crap like lights and stands, ventilators and people throwing the fabric, but my story lies in the fact that they were there that day helping create the magic that you would soon enough see on the above-mentioned people’s profiles.

I loved the giant shadow that only emphasizes how strong and flexible this woman is.

These are some more long exposures of Maria, the friendly ghost.

I hope you enjoyed these series, and I wish you to always be inspired and always strive to try something new.

Until next time,



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