Sometimes We Need to Get Lost to be Found.


Today was not an easy day, was at work from 7 am to 7 pm, and not that I was so tired, I didn’t have to do much – I was there to assist, but a 12 hours working day is still quite tiring. In the studio, my colleagues were shooting a stop-motion for milkshake products and those are the worst things to photograph ever: they melt, they are messy and ever so often you have to change the background, but you can’t really move anything anywhere. Also, it was freezing cold because we had to keep the food from melting as long as possible, so the a/c had to be at minimum. I don’t do so well with cold temperatures… unless I have 15 layers of clothing, like in Iceland, but I didn’t.

On another subject, I recently realized that I actually enjoy travelling alone to do my landscapes because I can roam as much as I like and take as much time as I like at any pretty corner around… Would not be able to do that if I was together with someone, not photography obsessed.


I like to get lost and go off the beaten path, run away from the tourists and wait for the moment when the sun hits the spot.

I like to walk to places, or explore local means of transport – having international roaming helps a lot with the research of the ways to get to places.

At my wedding a month and a half ago, I didn’t take a single picture that day… there was a stunning sunset, but I just looked at it. Sometimes you just need to look at it. I remember what it looked like even though I didn’t capture it. But I had a good time and danced until 6 AM.

Yeah, so sometimes to find yourself we need to get lost – don’t be afraid!



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