Sunrise Beach, Dubai.

Today husband left for Riyadh early in the morning (and I didn’t (sad face)). But I decided to seize the day so to say, carpe diem out of the fact that I am up one hour before sunrise… and though there is nothing interesting in terms of weather outside, it is not the reason not to get out and shoot something. So I went to the beach, called the sunrise beach. Duh…

There was some shit show on Al Wasl road, so I had to take a bit of a detour, but finally arrived to the chilly beach, just at the time when the light started breaking in.

The Best Time To Take Photos

I think the most beautiful time is not the actual sunrise, but like half an hour before, when the city lights are mixing in with the waking-up colors of the sky. The plane substituted for the lack of clouds. There was also a fabulous moon but it was a bit to the right, there was no way to incorporate it in the shot.

A few moments later, the light looks almost like northern lights… surreally beautiful.

I thought would be nice to include some beach into the picture as well for a variety.

Then it got too bright, so I decided to document myself on the beach as well while waiting for the sun to come up.

What Not To Wear To The Beach Shoot

I’ve got to say that it is not wise to sit on wet sand in jeans because they inevitably going to get wet – uncomfortably wet. So a good idea is to bring something to sit on, or not wear jeans because they definitely not going to dry up instantly.

Human And Other Elements In Your Shots

When the sun finally showed up, the people working on the beach also showed up and started cleaning up – woooohooo, makes for a great shot with some human element, better than expected.

I was trying to catch some birds too, but they seemed to be sleepy and didn’t want to get in the shot.

Such was my morning, enjoying a solo sunrise on the beach. Glad I went out, and wishing you all a wonderful day ahead.


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