Photographer’s Morning Routine.

No matter what you are going through right now, it’s so important to wake up and program yourself for a good day. Otherwise, negative thoughts will start creeping in – I still feel tired, I don’t want to go to work, my house is a mess, oh, God, I am not ready to face the traffic out there today again and I have 300 images from a dreadful event to edit.

5 Ideas For A Brighter Morning

  1. Mornings are all about the beautiful light and if you wake up early enough, you might be lucky to catch a gift of nature – the rising sun. Spending just a few moments looking at the rising red disk in the skies will definitely set your mood in a positive direction.
  2. If you are blessed to live by the sea, like I am, try to go and get the sunrise by the seaside at least once every few months. What can be nicer than starting your day on the beach? Unless of course, you get soaked and miserable, catch pneumonia, and drown your camera in salt water.
  3. Try to start your day with the music you like and think of something that you are looking forward to. Dancing while dressing up helps a lot. Not checking the news definitely helps. I’d say a good idea is to stay away from that mobile phone for a bit. Breathe in the (hopefully) fresh air, and think how lucky you are to have to wake up today. Not everyone has this privilege.
  4. For us, the photographers out there, it is important to stay in shape – the job, in the end, is quite physical and you need to take care of your back, your arms need to be strong and you need to have the stamina for long hours of running around, so including some exercising in your morning routine is not a bad idea at all.
  5. Some people are more organized than others, so for some of us might be a good idea to make a list of things we want to achieve (or at least consider doing) first thing in the morning. This can help you feel less overwhelmed with your day and helps you to organize your workflow.

If you managed to feel motivated, energized, and ready to seize the day, maybe you also consider to pass this feeling forward. Today I got a kick of motivation from one of the most talented photographers I know, who sent me a message on Facebook. That made my day instantly awesome, so maybe one day you can make someone’s day amazing by motivating them to do something.

Depending on how crazy about food you are, a good breakfast can be that thing setting your day right for you.

Hope you all had a great start of your day and something inspirational to look forward to!

Have a great one,



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