Keep your Inner 5 Year Old Happy. 


You know, my friends, this year I’m going to turn 30 years old. 15 years ago I thought it is going to be a milestone of wisdom and I’m probably going to be serious, grown-up and responsible.

However, I am at the beach of Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka right now, enjoying the loud noise of the waves and ordering beers before sunset… Which is neither wise, nor serious. I have my wedding coming up at the end of this month but regardless of this fact I took off for 5 hours flight to the “I-give-no-damn-about-anything” paradise where you can wear the same t-shirt for a week and nobody really gives any second thought about how you look like. I mean, who does that, traveling the same month as their destination wedding? But when did I ever do things according to the set rules? Well, there were times, but those times were not fun. If we really live once, which I am pretty sure we do, then let’s not waste any time.

So arriving at my 30th birthday, I realize that with each year I give less and less care about what people think of me, what people expect me to be doing, and what is socially acceptable and actually I just become more careless and wild.

I spent 4 years in a company where I pretty much never expressed my opinion, sat silently at my desk, and did what I was told to do. There were moments when I blew up and then I would receive those emails about my attitude and lack of respect, and those would make me feel like my silent behavior was the right thing. Being quiet and modest is what keeps me the job so that nobody cares about my opinion… Maybe my role is valued most for being the shadow of the office.

But then I won this trip to Iceland, which made me think that in fact if out of 1000 photos Elia Locardi chose mine, I am not such a bad of photographer. All the other guys didn’t get it. And then when I actually went to Iceland and met all those 10 talented people who were in my group and each of them told me not to give up on my dreams, stand for what I believe in, and go out of my comfort zone to do things and talk to people because, in fact, nobody’s going to die if they refuse to talk to me even or don’t like what I have to say… What does it matter, you try and if this door won’t open, just go to the next one. So upon my return, I was recharged, reborn, and had my heart open for whatever comes my way… And I must say that magic is happening. I am endlessly thankful for all the support and guidance that Iceland and the people I met there provided, and just saying, but keep your inner 5-year-old happy. Do stupid things, go on crazy adventures, and keep in mind that you will never be as young as you are right this moment.

If you die tomorrow, would it matter that you made a fool of yourself today? Probably not.

Love and peace,



2 thoughts on “Keep your Inner 5 Year Old Happy. 

    1. Hey Sophie, thanks so much for stopping by! I am looking forward to going home tonight to have a closer look at the big versions of your images 🙂
      We’re going to Cyprus for the wedding since it is somehow simpler for international couples to get married – he is French and I am from Russia.


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