Lens Hoods Flying off the Window or how to start your Day well in Munich.

Hello world!

I am one of those crazy people who provoke rage on Facebook if I post a picture from a new country within 1 week of the previous adventure. And again, having travelled through 4 countries in 1 day, I woke up in Munich, Germany at 6 am. Not surprisingly really, it equalled 9 AM in Dubai, where I came from.


Being all inspired to have a good photo day, I looked out the window and saw the sun was just crawling up the buildings across the road from my hotel. Took out the camera, opened the window – I was on the last floor of the hotel and pressed the button… and in 5 seconds my lens hood flew down the 5 floors and apparently even managed to hit some old guy on the head. I looked down, and he was quite astonished, not sure if angry since Germans with their language always seem angry. Had to run down, where the receptionist who was inquiring me the night before what do I do in Saudi with a Russian passport handed the lens hood to me. I am not living in Saudi, and if you have a Russian last name, Mr Receptionist, why do you speak English to me?

Good times!


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