Riding Waves in Munich.

Hello hopeless wanderer,

I hope you are having a great trip.

If you look at this photo in isolation, it is hard to tell where this whole situation is taking place, but apparently it is the famous natural wave called EisBach in central Munich right next to Englischer Garten. There are plenty of guys ready to get wet and cool (because apparently the temperature of the water is quite chilly), and plenty of people who take photos of those attempts to show off the surfing skills or the lack of those.


It was quite a hot day in Munich, around 33 degrees Celsius so it was tempting to jump in and join the wet crowd.


But instead we joined the biergarten crowd cheering with heavy glasses of German beer, that was so fresh and tasty that it was perhaps the fastest consumption of 1 litre glass I ever did.

Summer is such a beautiful time of the year, when you are not in the Middle East.

This kind of skies, as our German friend Erik said, is typical Bavarian skies, and the Bavarian flag is inspired this combination of blue and white.


Much love, my friends, hope you are having some wonderful summer days too.


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