Hiking up for the View in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria.

When I decided to Germany, I tried to research the most breath-taking views, and there are plenty just in Bavaria, quite hard to choose… but since I only had a couple of days, I had to make it logistically possible, so I first went to Schwangau, the story of which I will tell later, and after that I went to this place with the unpronounceable name Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which as it turned out was an Olympic village for skiing competitions in Winter Olympic Games 1972.

Arriving to this place by train, I was quite literally glued to the window… those mountains look absolutely indescribably beautiful. I am not used to the sight of the mountains, so they always mesmerize me.

I got off the train around mid-day and thought to myself “wouldn’t it be a great idea to walk to the hotel? Such a beautiful day!” Checked how long it would take me, and google maps said that it’s only 30 minutes away, so off we go.

The city itself is so cute, you just want to take pictures on every corner. It is like a fairy-tale place, every house has decorations and flowers on the windows, beautiful lawns and wooden figurines in the yard.

After 20 minutes of my walk, I arrived to the bottom of a quite a steep hill. Maybe 45 degrees or so, because when I let go of my luggage it would roll down without hesitation. The map was telling me that it is only 500 metres left, which is like nothing, right? So I started to make my way up the hill… and boy it was a hard one.

Arrived all sweaty and tired like after a hard cardio work out, but man, what a view!

The reception was closed, because apparently Monday was their day off. It took me a bit of time to figure out where to find the key to my room, because they left me a message in Arabic (my name does truly sounds Arabic, right?), but I made it.

Caught my breath, changed my clothes and went out roaming around alpine fields, farms, mountains, horses… recharging my lungs on fresh air.

I was planning to go visit another beautiful location of this place – a gorge called Partnachclamm, but when I arrived to the Olympic Stadium (which is the bus stop for this location), I took the wrong turn. I don’t regret though, because it was fantastic to get lost in those fields. Also saw the cows that look like those from Milka ads, so cute!

Two hours later I went back to the village, had a wonderful Bavarian meal, and went back up the hill through the park, which made it easier this time. The park there is called the trail of philosophers, and has a bunch of benches with philosophic quotes, you can sit on and enjoy the view of Zugspitze thinking about the meaning of life… or whatever else you prefer.

I am very happy that I chose this hotel because it was cheap and it had such a perfect view. I was capable to capture these two images while comfortably sitting on my balcony with a pint of Bavarian beer. The first one is of the sunset that didn’t disappoint with colours and clouds.


When I was taking this photo, there was a bunch of teenagers who arrived to the downstairs area of the hotel that they perhaps do every Monday cause they know that the management is off. They were listening to Joe Dassin and Gainsbourg’s songs quite loudly, which I find to be a strange choice for teenagers, but better than gangsta songs.

This second one is of the sunrise… with much less amount of clouds and a bit hazy, but still beautiful. Had to wake up before 5 am to have a look what’s available on the sunset menu, because sunrises are so early in Europe in the beginning of July.

Love the alpenglow in this photo… first time I see it red, last time it was golden in Iceland.


I loooovvveed this wonderful place so much, really hope I can go back there one day.

Have a beautiful day, friends!

Enjoy summer… if you live in the place where it is summer.


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