Be Yourself No Matter What They Say

Hello friend,

It’s been almost a month that I am off Instagram and it feels strangely good. I also tried to limit all the applications that can send me notifications, because every time it stresses me out and there is nothing that can’t wait for the right moment. And if it can’t, then people will call.

I’ve been having tough times – everything around breaks, and nothing works out as it was planned… I even received my first talk from a friend about her “not liking my photography”… which honestly hurt more than it should have. Yes, you can listen to people’s critique, though in case of not liking certain people’s photography style my only advice is to go look at the kind of stuff you like. On the other hand, it made me feel like a real artist. So thanks for that.

My friend said that my pictures are too wide, too sharp, too colourful and look like they come from computer games.

And it is all true. And it is the way I like them to be.


Talking to my friend also had me thinking… how many more people look at my images and “don’t like them” truly, but not for the fact that they are jealous of my constant travels. I respect my friend for saying it out loud.

But this kind of imagery is the way I feel about the world. I want it to be sharp and full of colours, I want it to be epic and wide, and unrealistic (cause we don’t see the world in 12mm equivalent).


And I can’t be someone else, and I can’t make everybody like what I do. But there are plenty of other people who might like just what you do.

So just because we know each other for 15 years, you don’t have to like my pictures.

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Be Yourself No Matter What They Say

  1. I guess one also does not have to like all your photos either, maybe the contrast works better in some places rather than others for someone, meaning the same person can have vastly varying opinions for different imagery from the same photographer. I personally enjoy the vivid and sharp nature of your images.

    Thanks for sharing a vulnerable moment and delicate thoughts. I agree with you. It just makes the most sense to just be yourself.


    1. You know, when I got this kind of “hate” talk, I thought perhaps she is right and I should try something else… beat my addiction to 10-24 mm in landscapes and I took quite some images with 35mm equivalent Fuji, and even kind of enjoyed it. It is definitely more realistic angle, but truth to be told I just love the distortion of the ultra-wide that brings some magic in my opinion. I tried black and white, but I must say that judging by the likes and comments people much more prefer my colours than blackandwhite.


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