Sometimes it’s Black and White.

Hey friend,

I always shoot my landscapes in colour, enhance the colour, and bring out the details… but I thought what if I try to turn them into black and white… would it work? It kinda leaves the bare essence of the image and no bullshit around.

Look at this one, how the opening in the sky looks like eyes, and the glacier and the mountain look like a nose and the snow is somehow of a beard leading to the smile of the lake… I’m sure the colour version would distract from that perception.


Waterfalls actually work nicely in monochrome too.


I’m just experimenting and trying to teach myself something new… not to rely on colours, but try to build visually strong images like in the old-school times when most of the images were black and white.

And somehow I have a feeling that if the image doesn’t work in black and white, then it is not so great in colour either.

Just something different, and some photos reflecting my current state of mind.

Take care of yourselves,


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