2020 in retrospect Pt.1

Not exactly sure what to round up this year as a conclusion, we all went through a collective traumatic experience, some of us got sick, some of us lost jobs, some of us lost the loved ones, most of us lost a year of our lives that we are never getting back.

As bad as it sounds, if you are reading this then you are probably still alive (or if not, that is sort of creepy), but if you’re alive that’s already a win. Also, if you have access to internet, some sort of device and electricity, that also means you have more assets than people in some countries around the planet. Well,  you have probably noticed from the past, I have a tendency of looking at life from the bright side and I always encourage everyone to do the same (though it really takes some mental stretching to teach your brain to be calibrated to see the positive when the day seems to be very grim). 

So though I didn’t get to shoot many events this year, I did have a few before the pandemic hit the full force, and I got to shoot one event which was the first in the UAE on the easing the regulations and it felt just so special. Hard to explain, but there is something so uplifting about loud music and flashing lights in the venue full of people who are excited to see each other. Receiving awards is also nice, even though they are not for me.

We got to take a break, rethink priorities, go to the dentist, grow out that hair, master or try out a new skill. I got to finish all the Arabic language lessons there are on DuoLingo, and according to them learned almost 3000 new words. I tried watercolor, learned a few tricks on how to make videos, looked closely at things I have just overlooked before and got to shoot a whole lot of art. I didn’t watch a lot of TV shows, as it still felt like a waste of time. I didn’t go on many photo walks to places I’d like to go, but dwelled around my area where it felt safe. 

There wasn’t many international travels, but there was KSA, which in itself was epic, and I am grateful for that one. There was a lot of exploration of the UAE, new roads, new hikes, new skills unlocked for camping and grilling outdoors.

I don’t really hope that things will magically change on their own with the beginning of 2021, but perhaps you can consider getting a vaccine, so that we all stop worrying so much and get past this pandemic just a little bit faster. 

Here are some photos from 2020, which you maybe have seen already, but I felt it was appropriate to round them up over here if there is nothing else to summarize with the wrapping up of 2020.

Stay strong and be kind, you never know what the other person might be going through at the moment.

January 2020 – winter light
Jan 2020 – we had a lot of rain
Jan 2020 – I got soaked while shooting this scene
Jan 2020 – Rain over JLT
Jan 2020 – the unexpected new lakes of Jumeirah Lakes Towers
Jan 2020 – The roamings in Fahidi with wet walls due to all the rain
Jan 2020 – Shindhaga Days, one of the best events of 2020
Jan 2020 – Early Morning Drives to Fujarah to work projects
Jan 2020 – When a policeman stopped me to ask me for a picture with his car
Jan 2020 – When I dropped 70-200 lens before shooting this photo
Jan 2020 – blissful evening at Al Hayl Fort
Jan 2020 – meetings of car enthusiasts and Burj being devoured by the clouds
Jan 2020 – Ritz Carlton Saudi Arabia
Jan 2020 – Intercontinental Hotel Riyadh
Jan 2020 – The Edge of the World
Feb 2020 – street photography
Feb 2020 – I just call to say I meow meow
Feb 2020 – my favourite spot to listen to call to prayer any time
Feb 2020 – Oh lord did I freeze while taking this photo
March 2020 – The day they closed the mosques for Friday prayers
March 2020 – I was wearing a mask myself that day and everyone was making fun of me
March 2020 – crossing
March 2020 – We went to buy some furniture from Bani Yas Square Market
March 2020 – the last day I took the metro before November
April 2020 – Corona in the building
April 2020 – the photo to symbolize our year really
April 2020 – we are all locked in
April 2020 – Security guys are bored
April 2020 – they try to prevent people from using common areas
Apr 2020 – what else is there to do but look at the Moon
Apr 2020 – Construction guys
Apr 2020 – a lot of food documentation
Apr 2020 – Those guys were a major source of entertainment for us
May 2020 – and household items documentation
May 2020 – this is a water bottle by the way
May 2020 – I shoot every shadow I see at my apartment
May 2020 – more food
May 2020 – getting tired of this
May 2020 – every trip to the grocery store is an adventure and I shoot whatever I can in those brief moments
May 2020 – Catching reflections of dubai taxis in the building across
May 2020 – the pre curfew drives
May 2020 – stay safe
May 2020 – first time I went for a walk around JLT in a while. It was a bliss.
May 2020 – stupid gloves are everywhere
May 2020 – Pedestrian
May 2020 – Ramadan… that I didn’t feel
May 2020 – The first plane we saw flying above Dubai since March. It gave us hope.
May 2020 – Social Distanced Car Club Gathering.
May 2020 – Invasion of Locusts.
June 2020 – I started visiting the regular spots, JBR – it was one fine long sunset
June 2020 – Humidity Clouds
June 2020 – Solar Park…. oofff it was hot
June 2020 – Dubai Marina Skyline
June 2020 – A walk in Jumeirah Beach
June 2020 – the sound of the sea, a piece of freedom
June 2020 – It was starting to get hot…

to be continued….


4 thoughts on “2020 in retrospect Pt.1

  1. Pretty amazing to read how people in other places dealt with these times in 2020. I can’t imagine being locked into to such a “starvation” tower.
    We (my wife and I) had the privilege to got to work every day (welfare and a medical job). We are so thankful for that. The main thing was a slow down in life, no party, more sleep, healthier food and no reason to have boring conversations.
    The outcomes of this pandemic will long be discussed.
    The most fascinating thing, that you describe as well, is the fact that nothing is for granted and the joy for even very little things in life.


    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I just had corona for the first time (at least what I believe) recently and the ten day lockdown brought me back to the feelings of 2020. One thing I’m glad that we’re still here despite all the odds.


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