2020 in Retrospect Pt.2 – Your Year is What you Make it to Be.

Went to see the Tashkeel’s Covid Conversations exhibition today, which from the first glance can be described as the show about gloves and masks, as a lot of people drew inspiration for their art from these elements that populated our lives this year, but only until you start looking closely – the narratives are about loss, anger, frustration, pain, hope, and the way of coping. I don’t think we had a year ago (in my lifetime) with a global event that united us all so much at the same time divided us so much, but nobody came out of here without a story. At least we all learned how to wash our hands properly, ain’t it glorious?

I didn’t think we would live to the day when the mosques would close their doors and literally ask people to stay at home and pray at home (changing the call for prayer from it’s usual form). I feel like a lot of people turned to religion or other forms of soul searching in these challenging times, other’s turned to watching every show they found on Netflix or exercising which is also a form of religion in a way. I swear, I have never seen so many Dubayottes running the streets in all the possible places. 

With time passing we’re going to forget about those small things, food obsessions, songs we listened to, runs or bicycle rides we took, that’s why it felt important for me to document them. Lots of kids were born this year who (we truly hope so) will not have to go through this experience, but it’s our job to remind them to take things seriously if this shit to appear again. Similar story happened just 100 years back and apparently, some of us were not even aware. Temptation to dust and forget is strong, but maybe instead let’s tell a story… a story of scars, one day shared under the stars that have died long time ago but still shining for us through unimaginable distances… in hope that each one of us will be the star of at least one story, be it a glorious story or 2020 survival tips and tricks. Make it count.

July 2020 – In July Sun goes up on the other side of the tower than in January
July 2020 – I went to take someone’s portrait outdoors… it was hot
July 2020 – We braved up and went on a Photowalk.
July 2020 – The emptiest I’ve ever seen these streets
July 2020 – I swear I have never seen sunsets like this one happen in July in this country
July 2020 – They renamed this station since then
July 2020 – We go swim in Al Aqaq beach, what a blessing. It’s 8 am, we woke up at 5-30 to get there. It’s an iphone photo.
July 2020 – I met the cousin of the grumpy cat
July 2020 – The Rush Hour
July 2020 – another crazy sky for July day
July 2020 – The Hunt for Comet Days
Aug 2020 – Days on the road in search for cool down
Aug 2020 – A lot of overcast days making us moody
Aug 2020 – Is that what I do at work now? Photographing people looking at each other on TV.
Aug 2020 – My kind of heroes
Aug 2020 – We got caught in quite a rain that day on the road from Maleha
Aug 2020 – Karama in Panorama
Sept 2020 – Still mostly at home
Sept 2020 – Walks around JLT park never get boring
Sept 2020 – Safety First
Sept 2020 – Probably the only decent fog of the season

Sept 2020 – Shooting portraits in mask sucks, you cant smile to people….
October 2020 – Some place that used to be an abandoned village
Oct 2020 – We gonna see it finished soon finally
Oct 2020 – Two bros and three crows

Oct 2020 – nights spent in the desert
Oct 2020 – finding places where you can wear no masks
Nov 2020 – seagulls are back in the UAE
Nov 2020 – More desert exploration
Nov 2020 – was a lot of time spent driving around the UAE and sleeping in tents
Nov 2020 – Life could be worse
Dec 2020 – Exploration of Ras Al Khaimah
Dec 2020 – View of Abu Dhabi from Qasr Al Hosn
Dec 2020 – Somewhere down in sabkhas
Dec 2020 – thanks for this cloud
Dec 2020 – A hike in Fujairah
Dec 2020 – Spotted hot air baloons from the balcony
Dec 2020 – A lot more sunsets and sunrises await us in the next year, let’s go!

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